Gen[A] is Finally on the Way… No, Really!

As is the way with such project, they can take much longer to construct than one anticipates. It’s clear that I was overly enthusiastic / confident about the launch date of Generation Adaptation when both Mike and myself have other personal requirements that slowed the process down.

That said, Gen[A] is ready to go live this coming week!

We’ve made use of Google Calendars to highlight upcoming events; if you know of any and think we should add, please contact us below, or on the ‘contact us’ section Gen[A].

Likewise, there are many links to online resources, but as yet no links or addresses for groups and ongoing projects that people can becoming involved in. We have a few and will be adding them slowly; any that you know of, please let us know!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and join up to the twitter and facebook page!

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to build a useful, collaborative online hub of resources and linkage among people keen on making the best of the coming century!


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