Peak Oil: The Reality is Sinking In

[Yet another h/t to MT]

On the outset of adding my contribution to the blogosphere, my aim was to demonstrate that the current debate over climate change was pointless and distracting. Not only were the climate sciences realisations over anthropogenic global warming disturbing and based on a wealth of evidence, but they were the ‘new guy’ on the scene. Peaking oil and a collapse of the global biodiversity have long demanded that human activity must change if we are to achieve anything remotely sustainable. For my case on these fronts, I again highlight the reports, Innovation is Key and The Human Island.

It’s good to see, now that I’ve turned my back on the climate change debate, there is growing focus on these much broader issues.

For more, please refer to;

What Environmentalists Need to Know about Economics (Presentation)
Efficiency is Truly Virtuous: Planning Prosperity

You Know What They Say About a Man with a Big Footprint
How Greenwashing Really Can Make a Difference
Sustainable Growth Not as We Know it
The Price of Sustainable Cities


3 thoughts on “Peak Oil: The Reality is Sinking In

  1. Thanks very much for pointing out this important video. Definitely one that needs an improved audience – 9910 views on YouTube? Scandalous…

    I’m not sure about your ‘this is more important than climate change’ stance — in my view the two are equally important, and inextricably linked; however, I’ll be following your links and considering your thoughts.

    Thanks again.


    1. Very much linked, however, climate change is the effect, oil is the cause, while also the cause of our economy also and of ocean acidification and other environmental degradations (ie. mining, drilling… spilling… etc).
      You couldn’t be more correct – it needs a bigger audience. When I started this blog, I hoped to look beyond climate change and to the broader picture; that for many many reasons we must decarbonize our energy and economic structure sooner rather than later. I unfortunately got drawn into the nonsensical climate debate… in that way, losing a year on a more meaningful topic. And that is the reality of the situation. Deniers, whether intentional or mindlessly following the propaganda, induce paralysis through one topic that is even too much for them – climate science. All these related issues can’t debated through such ignorance, because they are blatantly obvious (many commentators have been talking about energy security for a long time) and so deniers deflect back to, “you’re an alarmist who knows how weak AGW is scientifically, that’s why you use this fear propaganda..”
      Which leads you back to their debate over ignorance.
      We need more people to look at the bigger and more deeply concerning issues over long term sustainability and we need to do it while our current energy supply is cheap enough to assist with the necessary changes.


      1. I think my problem can be summed up by the question ‘is it climate change or is it global warming?

        You are definitely ‘not-stupid’ 🙂

        I think where I have a problem — and apologies, this refers to the very confusion to which you refer — is that the phrases “turned my back on the climate change debate” and “nonsensical climate debate” might be incorrectly interpreted by some as an affirmation that ‘the science is wrong’ (when it so clearly is not wrong).

        It is too easy to talk past each other in these complicated discussions 😦

        I am up to ‘Life of a Bee’ in The Human Island (I started on that first, being the lower weight of your two book offerings) and have so far found only a few typos on which you and I might disagree 🙂

        Have you read ‘Merchants of Doubt’ by Professor Naomi Oreskes and Erik M Conway?


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