Loss of Jobs or Job and Wealth Creation?

The denial noise has made us forget where we were a few years ago. Here’s a few sections from chapter 7 of Nicholas Stern’s A Blueprint for a safer planet (2009).

“…the role of UK business in shaping the county’s allocations plan in the EU ETS. In phase I of the scheme, the UK government, like all other EU governments, was extremely cautious in its allocation plans in the face of strong business lobbying, in order to avoid accusations of putting of putting jobs at risk. In the second phase, however, a group of major UK companies lobbied in favour of a more ambitious approach, arguing that a stable and strong carbon price was essential in order to give business sufficient certainty to make long-term investment decisions.[The group was the corporate leaders group on climate change]”

Worth noting in response to the near hysterical “No carbon price” outcry here in Australia… Honestly, is modern information technology that hopeless or are communicators that rubbish at their job that the lessons learned in the ‘mother country’ not making to our fair shores?

“At the international level, in 2007 the chief executives of 153 companies worldwide, including thirty from the Fortune Global 500, committed to speeding up action on climate change and called on governments to agree as soon as possible on measures to secure workable and inclusive climate market mechanisms post 2012.”

“In many ways, industry has been ahead of government in looking to the long term for the analysis of policy options, risks and opportunities. While some governments have short-time horizons – primarily the next election – firms making long-term investment decisions have to think of horizons over a few decades, and thus have every reason to think through where policy is going and to contribute to it’s sensible formation.”

From insurance firms, corporate leads, communities to governments, there has been little genuine scepticism regarding climate change for some time. I remember the buzz around eco-mapping of company practices and ICLEI only a few years ago when I worked with the SA EPA on the 2008 State of the Environment Report. Lord Stern has opened my eyes to the vast amount of activity occurring largely outside the public eye and at a time of great confusion about climate change within the general community.

Most corporate heads see this challenge as a great opportunity for innovation and investment, not “the beginnings of a collapse of developed economies” or “the loss of many jobs” that a small proportion on the media and general public like to wail on and on about.

I really suggest reading Nicholas Stern’s A Blueprint for a safer planet.


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