Show your support for Medical Research – Rally today at 12:30pm

I just received the following email to my work account:

The Australian research community plays an integral role in improving the health outcomes of Australians and supporting the development of our biotechnology community, by providing the pipeline of discoveries needed to realise clinical benefits for patients.

You may have heard reports that the Australian Government is considering a $400 Million cut to medical research funding in the 2011 budget, through its funding of the National Health and Medical Research Council.  If implemented, this will have serious consequences for Australia.

If you care about medical research and/or feel strongly about the proposed cuts to medical research, there are actions you can take now to make your feelings known to the Australian Government:

Attend the Rally for Research in your capital city, Tuesday 12 April 12.30-2PM (AEST)

Rally flyers, placards and posters have been developed and are available for download at  click here

* support the Get Up! campaign;

*  sign the i-Petition to the Australian Government being organized by Research Australia, and;

* support Twitter campaign.

We need to be clear that ANY CUT to medical research funding is unacceptable. Already two out of three projects recommended for NHMRC funding do not receive funding. These are projects seeking to better understand and develop diagnostics and treatments for some of Australia’s biggest disease threats. Any funding cut would compromise people’s health even further.

As stated in the email above any interested Aussie should check out the Get Up! website to find out where the rally is to be held in their capital city.

So many people I talk to either treat medical science as a mystical unquestionable force or are unreasonably critical of it.

However, at the end of the day, it’s still a science. It isn’t perfect, nor does it pretend to be. Science methodology is a tool that allows us to form the most likely conclusions from the available data and not absolute conclusions. The only way we can form conclusions with increasing certainty is through further research.

Of course if funding cannot be sort through to public domain, it can generally be found through foreign / private means. My personal belief is that health care must be part of the commonwealth. It should be available for the people through public funding, rather than for profit to those who can afford it.

I hope others can support this rally today or at least sign the i-Petition.


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