Transforming Sydney into a Cycling City | Sustainable Cities Collective

Transforming Sydney into a Cycling City | Sustainable Cities Collective.

In Urban Developement! It’s Great to Hear New Discussions! last week, I mentioned how I agreed Leigh Glover, that simply taxing CO2 isn’t a wise strategy and indeed I doubt is the only real strategy that policies have been focused on. In the link above, we have an example of such wisdom. To make change possible, you need to make it viable and and attractive. Cycling should be a big part of the 21st century, but unlike the majority of cycling paths that I’m used to (a thin strip alongside road ways where cyclists must dance between parked cars and furious Adelaide drivers), cycling needs better investment to make it safer. In my opinion it should also work in relation to rail networks for suburban commuters seeing as we’re at this point of significant sprawl.

The benefits go far beyond reducing greenhouse emissions as well. There are massive savings in personal travel (even more so with improved public transport where they can all by integrated together) and massive health savings due to a reduction of obesity, heart disease and respiratory issues resulting from pollution.

Investment in pedestrian and transit orientated development and improved public transport are among the best investments for the health and lifestyles in modern cities.


One thought on “Transforming Sydney into a Cycling City | Sustainable Cities Collective

  1. In the Netherlands they have the White Bike plan which works very well in the National Park “De Hoge Veluwe”, you arrive there at one of the entrances and you see lots of white bikes parked, you take a bike and cycle along the many cycle paths, to coffee shops or museum or information centre. When you arrive you park your bike leave it there, after your visit, you just take an other or the same bike and move on, until you get out of the park than you leave the bike where you started. What i remember the bikes had no locks stealing it will be only temporary as somebody else can just take it again and the colour white makes the bike stand out in the crowd.
    The use of bikes in a town or city will be good when cars and their smelly exhausts disappear. Perhaps an idea to have a row of trees between the cycle-lane and the car-lane and inner cities free of cars.


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