The Outlook: What to Expect from MI over the Coming Months

To all I offer a small apology for my last dance with denial. As is all too common in dysfunctional relationships, it’s difficult to let go when so much is left unresolved and bitter. It seems easier to persist rather than cut the cords, but this is wrong.

Otherwise a new report is currently under construction. I feel that I work better in long essays and this one just sprung on me while musing recently. It will follow on from The Human Island, with the premise that attempting to islandise our species is a bad thing. The lesson learned from nature is that diversity is key to resilience and sustainability.

In fact, we could learn a lot from that hard-won successes in the natural world and could apply many to the human habitat. Welcome Prosperity or Plague: human ingenuity for a new era. In this, I will cover key points of human activity, provide case studies that illustrate that their are better options as well as other suggestions. I’m not sure at this point if I’ll post it chapter by chapter as I did with The Human Island and Innovation is Key, as I’m not keeping word lengths in the same fashion as I did in those two. It might make sense to paraphrase it and post the full report when it’s completed. Much of it, I hope, will provide tantalizing ideas for Generation Adaptation.

Which is the next point of interest. Over the past couple months, other projects have slowed us down, but I’m happy to say that Gen[A] is back on track and should be live following Easter. Here’s the first call for information from the interested individuals;

A large part of Gen[A] will be about connecting people and projects. If you know of ongoing projects or upcoming events, such as;

  • community gardens,
  • urban grower groups,
  • other relevant volunteer initiatives,
  • relevant education programs,
  • anything thing else that might be of interest and relevant

please feel free to let me know either by commenting below or emailing me: wow.the.moth [at] gmail [dot] com. We will have an Atlas which we hope to populate with as many project around the globe as possible.

Outside of all this, I’m also finishing up Lord Stern’s Blueprint for a Safer Planet (apart for the hopeful note regarding Copenhagen, it’s very interesting) and just starting Timothy Beatley’s Biophilic Cities and plan to report on them in the next month or two.

I look forward to a positive new episode on MI and soon Gen[A] and thank my regular readership for their patience over the past few months.


One thought on “The Outlook: What to Expect from MI over the Coming Months

  1. No need to apoligise Tim , its at least worth trying to engage with people of differing views . Its just takes awhile to reconiise that their views are set in stone then its time to disengage and move on .

    Looking forward to “Prosperity or Plague: human ingenuity for a new era” . I dont always have time to comment or have much to say but ifind it interesting reading .


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