Dr. Dessler on Climate Change

(h/t to John Cook via twitter)

On The Socio Capitalist there is a great interview with Dr. Dessler regarding climate change and uncertainty.

Some great points Dessler states;

“Scientists are obsessed with how we could be wrong and so the idea that we wouldn’t have considered every possibility option… it’s hard to believe that we would’ve miss something as obvious as is there an alternative explanation”

“… the analogy I like to use is, you’re driving down the road and car in front of you slams on it’s breaks and you know immediately you’re too close. You not going to be able to avoid hitting it. But what do you do? Well you can still slow down as much as possible before you hit the car. It’s obviously the prudent thing… I think we’re in a situation now where we’ve experienced some climate change and we’re locked in, we’re committed to several tenths of a degree more warming over the next few decades, and that will have an impact on us. But we still have the capacity to avoid a lot of the worst case scenarios, a lot of the really large warmings towards the end of this century we can still avoid.”

There’s plenty more – check out the podcast:

The Reality of Climate Change: Interview with Dr. Andrew Dessler


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