Corporate Responsibility – isn’t it Illegal to Play with Phones While Driving?

Here’s a laugh.

On the news yesterday, I heard that Telstra has launched a new campaign; M8 it can W8. Basically, around 45% of Australian drivers have admitted to playing with their phones while driving and Telstra’s initiative aims to reduce this. Kate McKenzie, Telstra’s Group Managing Director said, “Despite the dangers, drivers continue to put themselves, their friends, motorists and other road users at risk at an increasing rate.”

A great idea – I can’t say how often I’m driving around 110km on the freeway and am overtaken by some idiot holding their phone to their head.

Later that evening there was an advert on TV for the new Ford Fiesta… which includes hands-free connectivity to phone and media devices. Sure, it’s not exclusive to this vehicle and it is truly hands-free, but honestly who truly thinks mucking around with phones, hands-free or not is a good idea while driving? They effectively turn the vehicle into a mobile phone!

What ever happened to simply driving when you’re at speed behind the wheel of a 1.5+ tonne machine?

Sure, buying the machines, buying the mobile, filling up the petrol, using the phone, crashing the car – giving paramedics, mechanics, police and maybe the fire department – is all great for GDP, but is that what we really want?


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