Animations of Fear – Another Denial Comparison

is like…

I have to admit, watching the creationist video above, I had a bit of a Potholer54, “It’s got no fu*%en carbon in it!” moment. You can really see the evolution deniers confidence when, after what can only be described as a warped misunderstanding of the science, the youth replies with, “alright smart guy, you seem to have all the answers…”

In both cases the advocates of reason are made out to be mindless “believers” while the “sceptic” well informed / critically minded. Fear is the final punch – ‘it’s your life and you’re going to die one day… Repent!’, ‘Climate change policies will lead to economic ruin, it will fund terrorists and take your hard earned cash away from your family…’

Yesterday I quoted Georg Christoph Lichtenberg and in the same paper, Lockwood had another Lichtenberg quote;

“blind unbelief in one thing springs from blind belief in another”

The greenhouse effect is as much a fact as evolution – theories not too unalike in age as well. Creation, as well as the confidence that human activities cannot degrade the environment significantly share the same roots within scripture; they’re old, human egos.

When I did the history deniers, evolution deniers and anti-vax groups comparisons with AGW deniers, there was a little backlash from the AGW deniers. But they shouldn’t make such comparisons so easy then! AGW deniers have enjoyed the undeserved status of ‘sceptics’ without genuine critical analysis – it’s simply, “if I’m not convinced, the case can’t be strong.”

And all you need to do is listen to the level of stupidity provided in the video above.

Yes, AGW denier is as much a blind belief that human activity cannot possibly be responsible for major and in many cases irreversible impacts to the environment as evolution denial the result of a blind belief in divine creation and not compelling scientific reason.

On a personal note, although being raised as a Christian, I have to say, Sunday school at best provided B-grade guilt, so I can’t complain. After watching the documentary Jesus Camp I have no tolerance for the terror the “teacher” of the creation video above uses to convince youths to believe.

*Note AWG deniers before contemplating commenting below; if you haven’t bothered acquiring tertiary education in natural science or can adequately rebut peaking oil and compelling reasoning as to why we would increase prosperity by diversifying our energy supply, I won’t entertain you – it’s just getting silly.

7 thoughts on “Animations of Fear – Another Denial Comparison

  1. Ipka the anti-denier here.

    The latest I’ve heard was people thinking HAARP caused Japan’s earthquake.

    That’s right, the same people whom believe humans after 100 years of industrial emissions are incapable of contributing to climate change, believe that a facility built 20 years ago is capable of creating an earthquake that actually kills people and destroys nuclear energy support.

    “we still believe humans stand above nature, so arrogant.”
    In many ways that is true.

    And don’t think that people will shut up just because they don’t have tertiary education, because the rule of being an angry mob is that “3-5 year olds could tell you” what they believe, unlike we, who are “brainwashed”.

    If HAARP was a profit making industry, or a job opportunity for Americans, these climate change deniers would emphasize the freedom of enterprise and prosperity. But because it’s a research program unknown to most people, they spew conspiracy theories to scapegoat it.

    You and I both know, climate change deniers are mostly in it for their “freedom”. They don’t hate the environment, they don’t hate animals and they don’t care about Africans, they just don’t trade their free choice and money for it.

    If the climate alarmist message was “there will be no taxes, lots of cheap energy, and climate catastrophy is good for economy”. these people won’t ask any questions. they are only “skeptical” for things that hurt their pocket, regardless of whether it is true, scientific, environmental or even healthy.


    1. The same type of person as the blue collar American who was up in arms against universal health care – it’s self-defeating individualism spawned as an underhanded initiative to protect industrial profits.
      Greater commonwealth and leadership promotes greater prosperity and access to services, not that I’m suggesting an entire shift away from privatisation, but rather what should and shouldn’t be run for financial profit. Where the blue collar was only working against their own access to basic medical care, AGW deniers work against the next generation’s access to energy and energy security. When even the big oil producers are in agreement about peaking oil, you’d have to be a real bonehead not to worry about how reliant we remain on the stuff. It’s easier to maintain if they believe in an underlying conspiracy.
      “Hurt the pocket” is a delusion; it’s a blind belief.


      1. I am not for prosperity, nor am I against individual freedom, I am just honest enough to say what I am for or against , for its own sake, and never disguise my agenda in the name of “skepticism” or “science”.


  2. “Self-defeating individualism”? I’ve always thought that very USAnian claim to individualism to be very strange, warped even.

    They talk about “freedom” – but they use social security numbers as compulsory universal identification. Now hasn’t that idea been an unopposed winner in Australia! They also seem to accede to all kinds of extremely authoritarian approaches in government organisations. Maybe an extension of those dreadfully intrusive “street committees” telling you the precise length of your lawn and the hour and minute your bins must be removed from the kerb. Or else.

    And the idea that “freedom” in healthcare consists of the obligation to pay many thousands of your own dollars in insurance or stay with the worst job you’ve ever dreamt of to keep the corporate health cover is downright ludicrous. My idea of ‘freedom’ in healthcare is that doctors and hospitals are available how and when I or my family need them – and we won’t be bankrupted by an accident or an illness.

    It may be their idea of ‘individualism’, but it’s not mine. Nor most other people’s when they think it through.


    1. I couldn’t agree more.
      Regarding the authoritarian government, my Dad enjoys to point out that the US has more agencies than any other that just monitor their own people. The street committees and the advent of youtube/phone cameras only further relevance to an Orwellian nightmare (arguably the passed what, 40-50yrs of various “enemies” – allies/always been at war with etc).
      As for healthcare, I continually come back to the same realisation, but with transport. It would cost far less in tax that it does to own and drive a personal vehicle if the government provided good public transport complimented safe pedestrian / bikeways. My vehicle costs me more a month (rego/insurance/load repayments/petrol) than my groceries. It’s a massive expense that I’d happily forgo had I a better option. Clean, safe, cheap and efficient public transport isn’t impossible and through both taxes and cheap tickets, would cost users far less than the current messy mix. It would also reduce congestion, pollution (both chemical – tyre wear as well as exhaust, and noise), arguably rage, accidence, cost (infrastructure upgrade and maintenance as well as household expense), space requirements (roads, car parks) and increase personal health, open space access etc… Making the shift away from traditional views of individualism could actually free the individual more so – from debt, sedentary lifestyles, access to space and modes of transport. It has to be the biggest load of crock that the personal car is a source of freedom. I love driving, but hate that I don’t really have a better option.


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