We are Way Past that Point.

To reaffirm my decision on comment policy and my desire to waste no further energy on the self-proclaimed “sceptics” of reason, I refer now to an excellent quote I can by in Stern’s book, A Blueprint for a Safer Planet: How to Manage Climate Change and Create a New Era of Progress and Prosperity:

The basic scientific conclusions on climate change are very robust and for very good reason. The greenhouse effect is simple and sound science: greenhouse gases trap heat, and humans are emitting ever more greenhouse gases. There will be oscillations, there will be uncertainties. But the logic of the greenhouse effect is rock solid and the long-term trends associated with the effects of human emissions are clear in the data. The arguments from those who would deny the science look more and more like those who denied the association between HIV and Aids or smoking and cancer. Science and policymaking thrive on challenge and questioning; they are vital to the health of enquiry and democracy. But at some point it makes sense to move on to the challenges of policymaking and accept that the evidence is overwhelming. We are way past that point.

Indeed we are very much beyond that point and entertaining the various whims of the “unconvinced” is little more than the promotion of paralysis and stagnation. I know that many of my readers are engaged and both have great ideas and want to know more of how we can address this new century with the many issues on our doorstep. This blog and more importantly Generation Adaptation, are to be a platform for networking, discussion and community level initiative. I will do my utmost to promote a positive outlook and direction for meeting these challenges and hope that I can build upon the arguments I put forth in The Human Island. Thank you all for putting up with my recent foray into the dank realms of denial and I promise that was the end of it!


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