Potholer54 and Carbon Dating

As I mentioned on a few occasions late year, I’m relatively new to Dawkins (for someone trained as an ecologist and about a decade built, but never published a site aimed to rebut AnswersinGenesis.com, I know this is a little odd), but found his discussions an amazing parallel to AGW denial (and other reason denial, close to my actual interest – see The Human Island for more of an explanation). Now I must extend this to Potholer54.

He’s done some brilliant work recently on AGW denial (such as) which caught my attention and sent me on a further hunt through his work. Largely his older work was targeting creationist, but again, I’m just amazed by the parallels. The following is another example of “experts” making blatantly silly mistakes to pursue their already held ideologies, akin to other cowboy experts.

It’s a great laugh!


3 thoughts on “Potholer54 and Carbon Dating

    1. lol – same. I loved this one I found a while ago and nearly bought it.
      The only problem is that no-one would know the reference – maybe include an image of that bloke holding the bone up as well. lol
      I really recommend watching Potholer’s older videos on creationists – it’s incredible how similar the sheer arrogance of these young-earther is when compared to AGW deniers; in each case they clearly don’t understand the sciences involved but assume they understand enough to ‘out-wit’ those advocating the best of current scientific understanding. The real pity in both cases is that they know so little about the subject and believe the opposite so greatly that “debates” with such people are worse than pointless; their frustratingly circular. Knowing that other fields meet the same behaviour is good though; especially when you feel overwhelmed by talking to such people.


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