My ‘Top 10’ of the last 100 papers of the AGW list

So the list has grown to over 300 already! I know that the inspiration for this list – that is, Poptech’s list – is no longer of much concern. Indeed anyone with any scientific training would have already quickly come to the conclusion that the meaning of his list is simply that it’s a list – and a list of papers that are pleasing to the ears of the few who would promote industrial stagnation.

However, it did lead to my creation of the list of Genuine Science Papers Supporting Confidence in the AGW theory and Relevant Environmental Concern, which is no doubt a valuable resource for those interested in learning more or requiring references for their work. It also does what his list could never do in providing mutually supportive work behind a unified theory.

Over the most recent 100 papers added, those I found really fascinating were;

Photosynthetic performance of lichen transplants as early indicator of climatic stress along an altitudinal gradient in the arid Mediterranean area

– Pirintsos, Paoli, Loppi and Kotzabasis (2011) Climatic Change

Pan evaporation and wind run decline in the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa (1974–2005): implications for vegetation responses to climate change

– Hoffman, Cramer, Gillson and Wallace (2011) Climatic Change

Weakening of the equatorial Atlantic cold tongue over the past six decades

– Tokinaga and Xie (2011) Nature Geoscience

Lifetime of Anthropogenic Climate Change: Millennial Time Scales of Potential CO2 and Surface Temperature Perturbations

– Zickfeld, Montenegro, Archer, Meissner and Weaver (2009) Journal of Climate

Detecting change in UK extreme precipitation using results from the BBC climate change experiment

Fowler, Cooley, Sain and Thurston (2010) Extremes (Not SCI Listed)

Mechanisms of Climate Change in the Semiarid African Sahel: The Local View

– Giannini (2010) Journal of Climate

Canary in a coal mine: perceptions of climate change risks and response options among Canadian mine operations

– Ford, Pearce, Prno, Duerden, Berrang Ford, Smith and Beaumier (2011) Climatic Change

Emergent dynamics of the climate–economy system in the Anthropocene

– Kellie-Smith and Cox (2011) Proceeding of the Royal Society A

Recent warming by latitude associated with increased length of ragweed pollen season in central North America

– Ziska , Knowlton, Rogers, Dalan, Tierney, Elder, Filley, Shropshire, Ford, Hedberg, Fleetwood, Hovanky, Kavanaugh, Fulford, Vrtis, Patz, Portnoy, Coates, Bielory and Frenz (2011) PNAS

Using panel data to estimate the effect of rainfall shocks on smallholders food security and vulnerability in rural Ethiopia

– Demeke, Keil and Zeller (2011) Climatic Change

There were a few others I really wanted to add, but these would have to be the top 10 of the new entries for me. I’ve leave the (NEW) flag on the most recent additions until the beginning of next week. As always, I recommend you keep an eye out as the list is ever growing (the title of the post will change to reflect the most recent multiple of 10 that has been achieved, the poster will be updated by values of 50 and by values of 100, I will produce a like post reflecting on my top 10 papers from the new additions).

I hope you enjoy!


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