Musings, Productivity and Gen[A]

There’s been a lot of nothing going on in my world recently.

This isn’t particularly true, except for that the things I’d really like to take shape are if anything, slowly meandering towards some far off goal point while I bicker and bitch with trolls in the mud. I’ve always stated that I don’t want to waste my time with such people who desperately want to teach me about the climate truth that uni somehow forgot to teach me and years working within very clever academic and governmental groups, with ample access to long data sets, somehow overlooked. Yet – this point being key of my proof that I really do drive for free speech – I haven’t been able to help myself but be drawn into needless debate. In fact, I produced the Innovation is Key work solely to save myself from such debate but the very people I wrote it for are the very same people who will never read it.

It’s the same with what we’re witnessing within our communication efforts regarding water, climate and agriculture lately – we’re engaging instead with the already engaged. For the most part much of this debate is doomed to be wasting between warring factions rather than sane and balanced ideas. The same AGW deniers whom are now saying, “yes, climate is changing, but it always changes…” still insist we do nothing. Apart from emissions control, species movement is severely undermined by human impacts, thereby paving out the road to extinction ever more easily through such ignorance. From this perspective, such AGW deniers and myself should in reality argue how we can assist species protection regardless of the drivers of climate change, but instead they seem to take as little interest in such concerns as they do the evidence available supporting AGW.

Quickly on free speech; I’ve become desperately depressed over the past year regarding free speech, because it is (and I suppose is often) abused for particular view points, undermining scientific methodology. We are aware over various committed groups out to support a form of business-as-usual that is proven to be highly likely to be causing harm – all in the name of free speech. Accuracy of information must trump freedom of speech and were such opinions are vocalised they should be open about just that – they are just opinions. To abuse free speech to promote views contrary to the best of our understanding whilst trying to pass it off as credible and evidence based should be a crime. I would hate for us to lose free speech, but for it to survive we need an honour system that is entirely lacking in current practices.

Just like such honour systems that most people adhere to in camping grounds – it only takes a few morons to stuff it up for everyone. Demanding anti-reason vocalisation is free speech whilst trying to assert an evidence based background (which as we’ve seen throughout the blogosphere generally requires a lot of time and effort to debunk) only ensures that a few individuals ruin free speech for everyone by abusing their right to free speech in misinforming and confusing their fellows.

Better scientific awareness is required. For a long time, science held a high level of confidence in the public eye and was happy to sell off the image of young attractive people in lab coats and trendy glasses looking, with a curious glint in their eye, into the contents of a test tube which they hold up to the light.

Of course, this image was largely crap and when committed efforts started snowballing in favour of reason denial and various groups joined arms (ie. an enemy of my enemy is an ally – eg. Cornwall alliance), it frittered beyond repair. Now science has to be explained to communities that have long been ignorant of science because both reason and reason denial let them down.


Purple tiger chilli, mint and rosemary - three favourites in our household

On the plus side, I’ve been getting quite frustrated in this particular funk and waiting from Gen[A] to take form and yesterday went out and bought a whole bunch of berry shrubs and herbs, all of which I can keep in pots for the next year or two (I’ll be moving within a year and hopefully out of rental within a couple years). It’s not much and won’t make much of a dent in the shopping expense, but it is a start and for me, already a rewarding act as it is my start in demonstrating that we are not mere consumers forced to fork up every increasing living expenses – we can take change of our own life and create much of our own freedom. This is step one in the lead up to my contribution to Gen[A] (in which I’ll focus largely on productive urban environments) and feels good t0 know that I am making changes instead of simply wasting effort on people who just don’t want to hear it.


7 thoughts on “Musings, Productivity and Gen[A]

    1. Cheers Adelady, I tell you, when we buy our own place in the coming couple years, I plan to give aquaponics a try asap. It’s really a good example of primary production mirroring what ecology has done for millions of years.


  1. Sometimes one just needs to step back from the fray and recharge – and nature, in whatever form, is a great way to do that!
    You might be interested in the discussion on climate change communication that was part of the Citizens Climate Lobby national call yesterday – the guest speaker addressed from his perspective as a communications/PR expert. He made the point that, so far, only 2 groups have been talking about climate change – politicians and scientists. And scientists are good at what they do, but REALLY bad at communication. And politicians are great at manipulating their message. Anyway, here’s the link, if you’re interested in listening (just scroll down to “listen to the March conference call):


  2. Tim
    A tip on the Mint I for ages had trouble growing it well when a neighbour said they treat mint as a bog plant and since then I ve kept the pot of mint in tray of water and this year I had the most mint ever . Just let it dry out every few day to spot the mosquitoes breeding .
    Also the drier you keep chillies the hotter they get .

    I understand your frustration with people like poptech , they put out information that if not wrong is just misleading or don’t tell the whole truth , at first you hope to engage them and give them access to the full facts , then you realise they are not open to having the opinions changed you change tact and try to counter the disinformation that they spread because they shouldn’t get away with it seems wrong . that why I had a go too .
    Have a rest from it for awhile and enjoy life and science to remind yourself of what we are trying to save .
    Ignoring PT will do him good I wonder if half the game for him is just getting people to respond to his posts .


    1. I agree – I’ve asked him a couple times what he really gets out of it. I certainly don’t enjoy the hostility.

      Cheers for the tips. The chilli isn’t a problem – my fiancée really can’t handle the heat so keeping them milder will be useful (but I sure to plan to get her use to the heat! :-D) If we have problems with the mint, I reckon I’ll do as you suggest.

      You’re right – I think part of their game is driving people away – I mean, I like the comments and discussions I have with readers of my blog and he is doing what I told him drove me away from commenting on the GWSH blog – I don’t want that to occur here. I won’t bother with his comments any longer and if he wants to complain on his site that I’m morally corrupt, c’est la vie – we cannot please everyone I guess.


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