Potholer54: Monckton Bunkum 1-4

Absolutely excellent work by Potholer54 – let’s see how long it is before Monckton threatens to take himself to court.


2 thoughts on “Potholer54: Monckton Bunkum 1-4

    1. lol
      He has Grave’s disease – which is a point to remember as AGW deniers are quick to take the compassionate path if anyone takes boot at his appearance (yet these are generally the same bozo’s quick to resort to insults when you don’t take them seriously – go figure).
      What Potholer did was brilliant. Where everyone else has debunked Monckton (and to any troll who might happen upon this comment, yes, Abraham, Mandia and the joint effort sent into the US congress all did debunk Monckton’s crap), he turned it into something personal and tried to sue them. He always demands that people come to him for the references – so Potholer actually did that. He let Monckton debunk himself. Much harder to fight against, although I suspect he’ll remain a hero in certain corners.


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