Saturated Riverland mid Summer

Now that I’ve shaken all that nastiness off, back to the interesting side of life. Following my unsuccessful site visit last week, I posted some photos from the swollen River Murray and promise some more shots to follow.

Here’s a couple shots from the water logged Riverland closer to my monitoring site. Note, this is arid in land Australia, in the middle of the Aussie summer. I’d expect fire damage and extreme weathers too hot to merit site access – not landscapes like soup after months of heavy rain (around 100mm from each of the three previous months).

Shots taken by my Dad.


2 thoughts on “Saturated Riverland mid Summer

  1. Nice well composed shots , I like the last one best , but why are all the bigger trees dead ? . are there frogs or toads out there ?


    1. My Dad’s a great photographer.
      We’ve experience a decade long drought and the Riverland floodplains a full of dead gums. It’s a sad picture, but make for a great photo op. 🙂
      As for frogs and toads, there certainly are and I’d imagine they’re having a field day with the recent freak weather. I can’t tell you first hand though – I’ve not seen data (although I should get my hands on some soon 🙂 )


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