Chevron (Green)washes it’s Hands of Responsibility.

h/t to Tom

This is a classic example of what us “alarmists” are disgusted by and the heart of what deniers of reason defend while also posing the question, “to what limits will we go to obtain fossil fuels?”

Of course the ruling isn’t near the appropriate amount; it’s not enough to assist the communities and ecosystems impacted by Chevron (while Chevron would probably argue that it’ll impact shareholders too much to entertain responsibility that they’ve clearly wasted their hands of).

I’m ashamed to be classified as the same species as those within Chevron.


2 thoughts on “Chevron (Green)washes it’s Hands of Responsibility.

    1. It’s nothing short of heart-breaking – the video footage just makes me more certain that I want to decarbonise my life as much as possible (as difficult as that is to do in this junky world of ours)


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