Field trip of mid February 2011

It’s been a very wet summer. So much so that I got a rude shock today – the site was inaccessible. The park rangers were willing to attempt the trip with me – bringing a couple vehicles so as we pull each out of the inevitable bogs, but I made the call it wasn’t worth the effort. I can remotely access the data, so I’ll make the effort to download the ~25920000 time stamps worth of data and just hope the site is otherwise in good working order.

But I did manage to get some get pictures.

In Nov 2010, this was a platform was by the bank. This is Dec 2010, with the first Qld floods.
Same spot, 2 months later (Feb 2011), after further Qld floods, many heavy down pours and also flooding in Vic
The eucalpyts love it? Salinity will likely be another talking point when the water reduces again, but it is good to see them getting a drink!

I should have some more pictures up soon!

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