Heads Up: Gen[A] in on it’s way!

Many of my readers would’ve also seen Mike’s post Generation [A]daptation: the new collaborative blog wants you which is about a new collaborative site he, myself and Megan (a researcher at UQ and contributor on Climate Shifts) have been working on over the past few months. We’re fairly happy with the skeleton of Gen[A] and now we’re working on the muscle – which is where you come in.

It’s beneficial to re-quote (as Mike’s already done so) the body of the policy page of Gen[A] to outline the focus and the tone of project:

Gen[A] is a group already convinced by the overwhelming scientific evidence behind our changing climate, growing food, water and energy insecurities and biodiversity loss. For this reason, debate over the reality of these problems will not be permitted on this site. No big loss really – for the blogosphere seems overpopulated with places willing to accommodate such discussion. The debate we crave regards our next steps;

How best can we meet these challenges so future generations are provided a world as wonderful, if not more so than that which we are familiar with?

How can we ensure that our children, our grandchildren and those that follow can have a standard of living that we would expect for them?

How can we maintain diversity of lifestyle, ecology, food and culture under increasing resource and environmental stress?

These questions and many more will be the focus of our discussions and we encourage constructive debate to help enrich innovative thinking. We will not, however, allow pointless and irrelevant debate, nor will we tolerate ad hominem attacks aimed at contributors. Such comments will be removed to allow constructive discussions to propagate unrestricted.

We hope you enjoy being part of Generation Adaptation!

With this in mind, we wish to collaborate with other early adaptors, to highlight initiatives in your local region, share successes and debate about the less successful and most importantly; demonstrate true community level governance of our local resources and inspire innovation.

I have little doubt that there are many people who, like us three, have become disheartened by the type of debate that drowns out all sensibility and Gen[A] aspires to reconnect and refocus this lost enthusiasm.

If you wish to be involved, know of some excellent public initiative, are excited about an upcoming event in your region, have valuable relevant resources and / or experience,  or simply want to know more – please feel free to comment here, email us through genadapt@gmail.com or simply stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Heads Up: Gen[A] in on it’s way!

  1. Gen[A] its like a new beginning , start freash start right .

    Adapt we will have to now , we will be lucky if we keep C02 equivalents below 450ppm , but we must still still strive to reduce emissions .
    The oil industry is planning on adapting to , they cant wait till the Arctic is ice free , lol


    1. I hope you to see you there! It should be an absolute breath of fresh air and provide excellent information at the community and personal level of how to increase your own food, water and energy security as well as get involved in community initiatives! I can’t wait! 🙂


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