The Future of Food, Part 2.

In searching for information on The Future of Food, discussed in my previous post, I came across another The Future of Food Directed by Deborah Koons Garcia. I could almost see the ultra conservative cringing whilst watching it (some parts were even a little too dramatic for my own tastes), but the science is accurate and the message is a very important one which goes far beyond the topics discussed.

Privatisation of the commons is unethical and does nothing beneficial for the general public. Whether it’s native forest, a waterway or as is discussed in this documentary, genes, privatisation is nothing more than a middleman making a buck from a service that they did not provide.

From The Future of Food; a farmers market

The ending, which looked at the growing industry around community markets, is a personal highlight for me. There is more than just financial wealth that comes about from such activities – more import is the enriched sense of community and connection to one’s environment.

This ‘other’ The Future of Food, looks at entirely different issues than the first one I discussed, but it’s very much worth watching.


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