Carbon Starved Crap

Firstly, I don’t wish to undermine the great work of people, such as Peter Sinclair, who has clearly put to rest the nonsense of how wonderful CO2 increases in the atmosphere will be for food production. I myself have often referred to the growing number of studies that have shown conclusively that there are a number of detrimental impacts to food production as CO2 increases.

But honestly, Earth; the carbon starved planet? Compared to what??

A planet will do whatever a planet will do with whatever energy and material available. I’m very certain that our planet, indeed any planet, couldn’t care less of what it’s made of. It’s just ridiculous to say otherwise.

So of course – we’re talking about the biosphere. The biosphere requires carbon. So, is ours “carbon starved” compared to the other biospheres that we know of? Wait, we don’t know of any other!?!?!

Even more importantly, is it even relevant?

You may say that the Flinders Rangers is a thirsty region, seeing as it sees less rainfall compared to other regions, but what about the species? Many lizards and marsupials found across South Australia can do very well without ever having access to free water. Can we really call them parched species?

Well, No.

They do so well because they are well adapted to their environmental conditions. Likewise, how the hell could you consider the biosphere to be “carbon starved” when it has evolved to live with the chemicals available for well over 3 billion years? It knows no better – of a more carbon rich environment – why should it? How could anyone even attempt to say otherwise? It’s like arguing that the average western diet is calorie starved, because it could always be higher – but we know well enough that obesity is already a terribly high.

I have no doubt that the individual who debates that our world is “carbon starved” is a downright idiot on the payroll of business-as-usual. Flooding the Flinders Ranges would be just as stupid and detrimental to life that knows what to do with what it has.

We are not living on a carbon starved planet.


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