AGW Debate: The Animation! (soon in 3D?)

About a week ago, MT posted an article titled, Dogs and Deniers, which included the following video, which sums up beautifully the frustration we face when attempting to discuss the issue of climate change with those already convinced that it’s all a scam – who seem to hear what they want to.

Following this, Greenfyre did a little searching and found that this animation model was freely available for general use and so in his post, Global Warming Panic Explained, he completed his own version of the animation.

I can see the benefits in this approach, which has long been used by Greenman3610 and Potholer54, for it’s able to reach a far wider audience at a much more rapid pace. Most importantly the message that Greenfyre repeats over and over again is the real take home message that fails on many deniers – don’t trust me or any consensus, but instead take the time to verify the evidence!

Of course, a general reply to this is, “I used to assume the theory of AGW was correct, until they did a little research…”

In yet another recent Greenfyre post titled, Skewed views of science and other bits, he includes two useful videos that explains what sceptical science is and how it is applied. These videos should be watched by such individuals followed by Greenfyre’s response to the denial animation.

It isn’t sceptical to remain unconvinced by the evidence available regarding AGW, but rather to understand the details of the sciences involved and to critically assess the studies that have been carried out. The best of which are not solely those that match up with the results of other independent studies, but those which have also been independently re-tested, thereby not only reviewing the conclusions, but also the methodology and results!

Those who tell me that they did their own research which lead to opposing views on AGW tend to dredge up isolated papers from a few “usual suspects” and that such research doesn’t include reviewing where this paper has been cited and following the chain of review explains how such people fail to understand why the vast majority of relevant working scientists agree that our activity is having an effect on global temperatures (ie. the consensus isn’t like social polls,  but the result of critical minds trained on the subject that have reviewed and tested the research available).

Anyway, a thank you for the time and effort must be expressed to Greenfyre for his effort to explain science, scepticism and the reality of the AGW public debate and also to MT for his original post on the animation.


6 thoughts on “AGW Debate: The Animation! (soon in 3D?)

    1. lol!
      I can understand mate. If the previous year of “debate” and reading of Nova, Laframboise, Bolt and Watts hadn’t occurred, I doubt I’d have the stomach enough watch that initial video. It’s infuriating that these deniers think their debating with such people, but for them to come to such a warped perception in general, I guess anything is possible. I’m just thankful of the work carried out by many of the science blogs, such as that on Greenfyre and Only in it for the Gold.


  1. Hi Moth. I found you through Christine’s blog, 350orbust. I also just ran across these videos on GreenGrift’s blog, as well as some other stuff, and it just makes me soooo mad. Have you been to GreenGrift before, are you familiar with him? Grrrr.

    I want to personally thank you for the work you do in this space, we need people like you to challenge these guys with real scientific data and logic. I give you my gratitude!


    1. Cheers Sherry!
      Christine’s blog is a great blog and I’ve approached her to contribute to a new initiative currently under construction because I’m sure she would have some excellent input.
      I’ve not heard of GreenGrift – I suspect another promoter of misinformation? Sadly, as lies are far easier to produce than evidence based reason, there are simply too many blogs around sprouting AGW denial to keep track off.
      I no longer feel that “debating” with such denial is in itself very effective. The information is already there and available and by entertaining deniers we actually validate their position. If we’re to move forward, we must do as Greenfyre’s video does; simply state the facts and ask those who are confused on the subject to fact check themselves if they’re still uncertain and most importantly, we must continue to assert how pointless the debate has become – after so long (in many cases many years) of promoting the science, such people as the more famous deniers simply demonstrate how entrenched they are – incapable of changing their views as more information comes in. It is time wasting to continue to spend as much energy entertaining to slow individuals of the population when we could promote those brave individuals and groups who are leading us to an increasingly innovative and secure future. Looking at the future and providing sensible means to adapt will assist progress and these slower individuals will eventually jump on board through the ‘following the Jones’ effect. 🙂


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