Dark Age Reason: Crock of the Week

I just came by the most recent instalment by Peter Sinclair, which I felt I had to share. It’s one of the points I used to go into several months ago when Monckton was still popular and shared with the other hypocrisies discusses under the “Alarming Religion” tab above. Sure, as Monckton and Donna love to say, it is certainly anyone’s free speak to voice scepticism, but that makes it as real as imagining a fairy pops one into existence.

Unlike previous centuries, where libraries and other places of learning could simply be burnt down, this age of information makes it impossible to remove learning from the face of the Earth (what was lost from Antiquities is forever a black mark on humanity). Creation and Tobacco were probably among the first to employ unreasonable doubt, but it is certainly refined and ingenious in Climate Change Denial strategies… I don’t think many people really think about what’s at stake (the Cornwall Alliance is probably the most telling).


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