Photos from SA

I’ve remained on the quiet side, I realise. Over the festive season, I’ve been enjoying the sun and getting the most out of SA while I have the chance (probably my last year here). I expect this to continue for the next few months as well. With any hope, I’ll manage to keep my work more up to date than I have been and the next collective blog is well and truly moving. Until I have more, here’s several photos from the previous month.

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8 thoughts on “Photos from SA

  1. Naracoorte! I have vague memories of visiting there as a child. And that Blue Lake shot is stunning. Good on you for making the most of SA – I feel like I did that pretty well with the coastline, exploring to surf, but never made it to the Flinders Ranges or anything. Doh!


    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d had more experience with the York than I. I’m hoping to take the other half over to the Eyre for the Easter break (one good excuse that she’s not from SA is that have to show her everything! lol).
      You really must visit the Flinders one year! For the photos alone, it’s a must. Wilpena pound is an incredible spot as are the nearby caves with their paintings.
      I’ve never seen the Blue lake so blue before – but it was in the middle of summer, so the sun had worked on it!


  2. Wow – the pictures are stunning, especially Blue Lake, actually being there must have been even more awe-inspiring. In spite of everything, it really is an amazing world we live in – thanks for the reminder to savor it.


    1. I think that’s why I’m so concerned; from the the most beautiful and forgotten pocket of the globe to a manicured city garden, there’s a wealth of wonder available to us – sadly however, it’s decreasing. I don’t think it needs to be that way and I’ll continue until my dying day to work for greater synthesis between human and ecological activity, hopefully to preserve such wonder.


  3. The Umpherston sink hole garden looks amazing what a great idea for a garden.
    I have been to Coorong camp and have some very good memories there, still have many tiny little shells i collected there.


    1. The Coorong is an amazing part of the world (and is protected due to the biodiversity dependent upon it). I love the whole limestone coast; it’s a really beautiful part of SA. I hope to spend Easter on the Eyre Peninsular, which is also a nice area.


  4. Surely you have to go to the Eyre Peninsula during whale season.

    I’ve never been myself (crook back makes long driving trips a bit of a problem.), but I like everyone else to go.


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