One of the Big Questions Ahead – to Eat or Not to Eat

I figured the attached presentation is an excellent example of the topics I hope will be discusses on the new collaborative blog that I’m hoping to get under way in the following weeks while also providing yet further reasoning as to why I’m very dismissive of the public debate of climate science (in short, there are so many related issues at hand – See the Stockholm Resilience Centre for more – that the need to discuss the reality of anthropogenic climate change is pointless and largely indulged by self-important deniers of reason and many of us frustrated by such noise and inaction).

What presents our future is unlike anything our species has every previously encountered and although the denial noise surrounding climate science and evolutionary science (unfortunately for me, I bother to argue science’s case on both depressing fronts) tends to suggest otherwise, the truth is that there are so many brilliant minds working on amazing opportunities ahead that can not only lead to great prosperity and ecological security, but also protect many of the comforts that we have fought hard to secure.

The sad fact is that business as usual is a dead-end and like we see too often, the very people who defend it do exactly the opposite of what they believe is their cause. Enough of that – I’ve probably said enough to stir up some of the usual suspects.


One thought on “One of the Big Questions Ahead – to Eat or Not to Eat

  1. I think I may be at a similar stage where I feel that solely focussing on climate change (dealing with deniers, focussing on impacts ad nauseum) seems a bit pointless when there are so many other huge, interacting issues that we need to face up to. Having spent the summer reading Thomas Homer-Dixon (The Upside of Down) and Richard Heinberg (Peak Everything) I am feeling a tad hopeless about the fate of civilisation 🙂 but nonetheless your new venture sounds very interesting!


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