Why Anthropogenic Climate Change is REALLY a Myth

I had a moment of clear insight! Finally, after all my training and work experience, I’ve come to understand that the whole anthropogenic climate change science is debunk and void! You know what? I know know the whole damn truth and I don’t are any more! Those forsaken warmest can go to hell! We humans are not the cause to climate change.

Well, only one of us is.

Lucy Miller is the reason why the world is warming and I’ll explain why I know this to be true! Tonight, for the sake of my son and the season, we watched The Santa Clause 3, in which another mythical character made an appearance; Jack Frost.

He was such a nasty character who didn’t like Santa at all. Envy made him do some horrible things to undermine Santa and ultimately he stole the Christmas job.

Realising that the build up for this take over was quite slow, the REAL Santa was compatibly quick to regain his position.

Most importantly, with the time continuum restored, the problem of what to do with Jack Frost was a difficult question to answer, but Santa knew what to do!

He talked to Lucy who then went over and gave Jack Frost a big, loving hug. Jack suddenly, in a burst of light, crumbled and said (oh, wait for it), “I feel all tropical!”

Lucy’s parents (who where frozen by Frost) now thawed!!

Jack Frost before and after Lucy's hug.

Do you see??!?!

It’s not CO2 that’s driving the global temperature anomaly, but some kid who had the nerve to hug Jack Frost!!!

Oh, now I know the truth! I can’t believe that everything I was taught and all the monitoring I’ve done and all the literature I’ve read has been a lie! It’s all to cover up some girls selfish act!

* Come on; it’s about as sensible as any other denial argument doing the rounds.


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