Photos from The Rivierland

Some photos from today’s site visit. I’ve seen the area muddier, but not flooded. It looked absolutely amazing!

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6 thoughts on “Photos from The Rivierland

    1. Year? No; it’s only had rain in the last few months. It’s been largely bone dry for much of the past decade. Over the past couple weeks, they’ve had several hundred millimetres of rain, one event alone dropped over 70mm in a few hours. That was just over a week ago and the difference in the landscape is impressive. I especially liked seeing the temporary lake holding water. 🙂


  1. Oh ? i just thought it was central Aust Alice Spring sorta area which good rain last year , this is where your working right , iam not sure where that is and what is a Flux tower ? if you xplain else where in your blog just point me pls . I dont gey lots of computer time lately so not a lot of time to read all .
    thannx dave


    1. I’ve built another blog for the flux tower here. Basically, eddy flux monitoring aims to understand water, CO2, solar energy (sometimes other trace elements also) fluxes as they enter and leave an environment. My employer, Adelaide Uni, is interested in the data largely to understand productivity, soil behaviour and to a lesser extent, carbon movement (more from an ecological perspective), but we’re part of a Aust-NZ netword called, Ozflux in which the accumulated data is used for many different applications – one of which is to test the strength of climate modelling.
      My site is just north west of Renmark, in the Riverland, which is very close to the SA, Vic, NSW boarder. The Chowilla floodplain, of which my site is part of, is a Ramstar noted wetlands of international significance, due to the endemic wildlife found in the region. It’s a great part of the world and a beautiful section of the Murray river. 🙂


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