Towers and Islands

I realise that I’ve been somewhat on the quiet side of late. Blame it on The Human Island project (drafted around 10 chapters so far) and that I’ve been feverishly working on an online presence for a large part of my work: the flux tower near Renmark.

I think I’ve got most of the bugs worked out with the data graphics upload (believe it or not, but I worked out an elaborate inter-program process that wasn’t too bad if you knew how to set it up, only to find out that an upgraded version of the program that produced the graph did all I needed and more – why had the providers only given me the basic package?!?!). Hopefully it will be a useful resource for third parties who wish to keep up to date with the meteorological and flux happenings just north of the Riverland. I’ll be adding to it with more technical information over the coming weeks.

Have a look, if you’re at all interested and please feel free to give me some feedback – this is, after all, one of our public outlets for the project and I want it to be appealing.



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