Quality FOX News


4 thoughts on “Quality FOX News

  1. Don’t you love the wording: “to support their own theories on Global Warming”?

    As opposed to the theories put forward by rightwing blowhard TV talk show hosts on FAUX News? As opposed to all the theories put forward by people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about?

    Because, you see, these theories are the scientists’ very own!


    1. I know – I found it on Failblog.org this morning, where I think the humour was largely aimed at the obvious mathematical errors, but everything about this picture made me laugh – it’s the bare truth of climate change denial and an image that we should keep in mind when locked in yet another endless debate!


      1. Bloody hell, but I’ve been working too hard today. I didn’t even notice the math error! This isn’t the first time they’ve done this, is it? They were widely derided a couple of years ago for a political poll that likewise added up to, oh I dunno, 210% of Americans not liking Michelle Obama or something. I vaguely recall that in that instance they defended their math, claiming there was overlap between categories and it was perfectly legitimate to include lots of people twice.

        Maybe they had to include those people twice to bring their IQs up to something approaching the average . . .


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