Absence: New Series on the way!

I might be a little on the quite-side over the coming month. This is due to a new project that I will be undertaking. Where the Innovation is Key series was designed to explain my interest, focus, understanding and general points for an innovative future, this new series will be focused on re-establishing our species as part of a diverse and wonderful global ecology. We have effectively separated ourselves, at least consciously, from other species which, I believe, is the most important part of continuous degradation – through complacency. My hope is to raise awareness of the network of life and instil an interest in thinking differently – innovation is impossible without it.

In that way, I will probably employ more creative writing, based of course, on evidence, than I did in my previous series and will submit the chapters at a slower pace than previously. This will be both my heart and head in action.

I’d like also to produce a series of short flicks that would be an amalgamation of this series, the innovation series and a few other related posts, but that seems to be too ambitious a project at this time, unfortunately.

I hope you can be patient with my sporadic posts over the closing months of 2010 and do keep an eye out. I’ve included a search option now so that readers can look through the 170 odd posts that I’ve included to date and please don’t forget the other tabs above with numerous other facts, rebuttals and graphics. I’ll also be reachable via comments and email.



2 thoughts on “Absence: New Series on the way!

    1. Cheers.

      The innovation series was designed as a comprehensive work to explain myself to so-called “sceptics” (although, I think it’s a safe bet that none read it). This will be more about what drove me towards ecology. In that respect, I hope to illustrate my passion as well as provide information. To be honest, it will at times be bleak, but it needs to be if we’re going to be motivated enough to be innovative.

      As for creative – the last manuscript for a novel that I wrote (I haven’t even written short stories since) is from 2005. Here’s hoping I’ve got any of that ability left!


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