The Vatican is against 4 million extra people?

Catching up on my reader this morning, Jerry Coyne, of Why Evolution is True, had a post relating to an article on BBC News (Ken Perrott, of  Open Parachute, also has an excellent write up). In short, apparently Vatican has criticised the recent awarding of the Nobel Prize for Medicine to Robert Edwards for his work in IVF.

The case the Vatican puts forward is that there a many fertilised eggs that never make it, due to being unneeded or the process not working.

So let me get this straight; the Vatican criticises birth control as it denies the existence of potential people yet equally criticises the process that has allowed an extra 4 million people to exists, in just over 30 years, that would otherwise been unable to live because of “the will of God”? How loony does this bunch want to get?

I cannot believe that any women would choose to be Christian if she looked seriously at the religion. Apart from a long history of reducing women to a status closer to livestock than to men, Catholicism would return them to slavery of sexuality (in years gone by, women were seen as mothers of mistresses and birth in either case was a shackle – read Mary Wollstonecraft’s, The Vindication of the Rights of Women).

I’ll put it this way; the murder of the “messiah” did not free women from painful birth or menstruation and God doesn’t make conception easy or guaranteed. Catholicism does not empower women or provide protection from STD’s. Yet science and reason have improved on all of this and much much more.

Strict adherence of the scripture could go as far condemning a women for her menstruation as it leads to another lost of a potential person, but of course, this is nonsensical – as is much in the scripture.

Without assistance, I would not have had my beautiful nephew to pull strange faces at me (for some reason, he doesn’t like facial hair). That a few eggs, sperm and brilliant minds were used to lead to having him in my life is a true miracle. Not all natural births lead to a healthy offspring, but because of the work of people such as Robert Edwards, people like my sister are now able to have not only a family, but also the assurance that it’s a healthy one – the church, it seems, would deny increasing the avenues to potential life, hypocritically.

The Vatican simply proves how out of touch it is in the modern world. In a time where the holy words are retreating to mere fairytale, such ridiculous criticisms of the work of scientists to improve the lives of millions around the world is nothing short of shooting oneself in the foot.


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