The tragedy of suburbia: By James Howard Kunstler

A big thank you to Adelady for pointing this out.

James Howard Kunstler, in this presentation largely sums up many of the points I’ve made on this blog over the months, only does so much better. Suburban sprawl is really a social degradation and will become every increasingly unsustainable in a world beyond fossil fuel addiction.  A return to the mixed-use urban environment will be key, not only to an improvement of efficiency, but also to standard of living AND well-being.

Here are some summing-up quotes from the talk that really stood out to me;

“We’re going to have to downscale, rescale and resize virtually everything we do…”

“We’re going to have to live closer to where we work. We’re going to have to live closer to each other. We’re going to have to grow more food closers to where we live.” (Adelaide is in for a major shock where most of the most fertile land is now under housing slabs)

“No amount or combination of alternative fuels is going to allow us to continue running what we’re running, the way we’re running it.” (a slight vindication for me after copping a fair amount of abuse from a couple celebrated writer on another blog for daring to ask about efficiency)

Anyway, when you have around 20mins free, I really suggest that you watch James’ presentation.


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