Abbott is $11 billion short

A few weeks ago, I discussed the Coalitions decision to hold their budget back from the treasury – something that they managed to do until after the election.

It seems that treasury has found that the Coalition are as much as 11 billion dollars short in their budget!! Others have questioned Abbott’s understanding of finance, and certainly the decision to hide their budget from analysis seems pretty dodgy – but 11 billion dollars?

From the ABC article, Abbott said, “There’s the Labor Party’s record of waste and mismanagement … versus our record of responsible economic management and of paying off debt.”

Really? So, if the last bloke in a job I go for was good at the job, rightfully, I’m already good at it? I remember Abbott as minister of health… Now that wasn’t a job well done. What are we to base this statement on?

  • The two major parties plan to have us in surplus in around the same time.
  • Labour provided their budget for analysis before the election, thus allowing it to be one of the points of consideration
  • The Coalition kept their flawed budget until after the election – Would this have costed them votes? Is this a sign of guilt
  • 11 billion dollars short isn’t huge on a national level, but it’s like my dodgy planning leaving us $30 down for a weeks shopping – we’ll feel it

“…our record of responsible economic management…”

Well Tony Abbott, I reckon you’re about to ruin that record if you’re made PM!

It’s about as silly as Julia Bishop’s statement, “…it’s not the numbers, so much as a symbolism…”


3 thoughts on “Abbott is $11 billion short

  1. Hi Moth , no one mentions the Liberals SeaSprite naval helicopter fiasco that cost over 1.4 billion dollars and then was scraped if that nots waste then what is ?



  2. I have been a little stunned by the level of rhetoric in this campaign that fails to stand up to any kind of statistical scrutiny. The school building scheme, the insulation scheme, asylum seekers and now economic management: all made into mountains, and when looked into, there are some underlying problems, but the numbers aren’t too bad.

    It’s a shame that there hasn’t been more open critique and deconstruction of the sound bites we’ve been fed…


    1. You’re quite right. But I think that is why the election was such a failure – the public, I guess, realise that these “issues” aren’t so big. The whole “stop Labour’s waste” is the biggest nonsense – it was this spending that avoiding the recession. I do feel that if the Coalition had released their budget before the election, it would’ve cost them votes thought.
      I don’t think that there’s ever much of a open critique/deconstruction of much that is provided to the public – I’ve spent a little bit of time doing this of climate denial pieces recently. It’s amazing what some people get away saying/writing.


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