A Warm Fuzzy Forecast: A Warm Cover-Up

There’s a lot going on, so click the image to see a bigger version of it.

And to save paper, here’s the folded version

However, for those who would like a printer friendly version, click here.

I might also add to my Aussie viewers, the day before election; Tony Abbott represents the folded version super-glued shut. Julia Gillard likewise – although she’s only pressing it shut with her finger. Bob Brown and the Greens have the full version not only in plain view, but are loud about it and asking how we can best plan our next steps as a productive and sustainable nation. Vote Green – because it might only take 3 years to vote out an idiot, but it could take thousands of years to repair their damage – The Greens will keep the idiots in check!


2 thoughts on “A Warm Fuzzy Forecast: A Warm Cover-Up

    1. good reply Hank – well measured.. More so than I can be! I’m not sure if you’ve been following an argument I’ve been having with Pete on the first ‘The State of the World mid 2010’.
      I’ve to the conclusion that many of the people like this chap and Pete will not be able to see what you’re on about. Their sure that, CO2 is a clean gas or, climate change is natural. I like in your post a comment about fear – how the companies threaten that hairshirt greens will cost the workers their jobs. It puts environmental scientists automatically on the back foot. Abbott has used that tatic here very successfully – saying labour will cost us more in wasting money and by taxing industy will cost jobs. Needless to say both leading parties will have us in surplus by 2012 and most of the profits from big industy goes offshore with the companies, but ‘the working class’ scream Abbott’ s echo..
      That said, you’ve handled it better and taken the approach we should – measured and informed… Little by little the opinion will change. Hopefully we can work out how to impact practices/policies sooner rather than later – we need to address sustainability with great emphasis.


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