The State of the World mid 2010: The Oceans

From Aviso, mean sea level

Please note, that the above is relatively short-term and thus should not be taken as an example conclusive evidence of change – I provide it for interest sake.



2 thoughts on “The State of the World mid 2010: The Oceans

  1. It’s good, it’s graphic, and it catches the eye.
    And I’m grateful for the link to AVISO.

    But …

    The top two graphs show trends over a period of about 17 years. That is probably not enough to be conclusive.

    I’ve just been searching for a comment I read a while ago from Stefan Rahmstorf where (as I recall) he stated that the recent increase in sea level rise is not yet “statistically significant”. Unfortunately I can’t find it.

    Stefan clearly believes that the rate of sea level rise will increase, he is one of many that is suggesting a rise of a metre or two by the end of the century. But (from memory) he says that the statistics don’t yet support him.

    Since we abhor statements that “the world has been cooling since 1998/2oo2” or “Arctic sea ice has been increasing since 2007”, should we not just stick to 30 year trends where they are available?


    1. Good point – and maybe I should add it as a note on the bottom from here on in.
      More or less I’m liking the idea of giving graphical updates quarterly – but you’re right. For consistency and to avoid hypocrisy, I’ll note that it’s interesting, but not yet conclusive of change,


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