The Coalition hide their policies – a sign of weakness?

It seems that the Coalition, in light of a Treasury leak, have decided to hold onto 20 policies that should be handed over the Treasury for costing. The leak showed a massive shortfall in the saving proposed by the Coalition in changes to Labour’s Broadband plan.

Personally, if something I’d put forward had proven to make me look foolish, I’d want to clear the air, that is to say, provide the rest of the policies to make a strong point of the parties amazing budget plan.

Maybe this is a convenient way to put off presenting a flawed bag of policies that would, not doubt, lose the election for the Coalition. I remember when I was caught out lying, as a child, that I presented similar indignation.

I’m sorry, but the rubbish I’m hearing from the Coalition over this and their refusal to be open about the costs of their policies 11 days from election is a sign that their promises are as flawed as their collective understanding of climate science. Unfortunately, politics being what they are, this could give a mediocre party to edge they need.

As Corey Bradshaw tweeted, “It takes 3 years to vote out an idiot – it takes centuries/millennia to recover ecosystems. Don’t vote for cretin Abbott.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.


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