Australia’s bumpercar pollies need a Green light to move forward

It’s disturbing when you hear that last night, a group of undecided people from West Sydney swung in the direction of the Coalition following a town-hall like event, where both leaders put their pitch across. Especially when one considers that his lines of attack are fundamentally flawed; “stop the waste!” – both parties will return the country to surplus within the same time frame; “stop new taxes!” – this is stopping taxes on massive profit earners and major polluters, instead the money would come from the people; “stop the boat!” – what? The small group of desperate asylum seekers, that end up making less than 1% of our new Australians (the internal population growth – ie. births minus deaths – makes up 2/3 of population growth alone)?

It’s also clear that the Coalition is the least convinced, least trusting of science and thus least informed party regarding climate change.

Now, as much as I’m not really in favour of the current Labour party, they still seem the lesser of two evils and by far the least short-sighted party of the two.

That said, last night I happened to be channel surfing and stumbled upon Bob Brown’s pitch which, I must admit, impressed me. I consider myself a fairly liberal swinger in elections and avoid maintaining a preference. As much as I don’t always see eye-to-eye with the Greens, Bob is about the only politician making any sense in this election and I only hope, as like the Democrats tried to “keep the bastards honest”, the Greens are given enough numbers where it counts to overcome much the short-sighted and ineffectual nature of the two leading parties which our nation is unfortunately stuck with.


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