The wheels on the bus go “cha-ching!” Pay more for even less in Adelaide!

I’m glad to have that series done! I must thank you who followed the series – my hit counter for the month of June was greater than the previous 5 months together! The hope is that it will serve as a foundation for future elaborations, as I seemed to be getting drawn into constantly repeating myself with every new self appointed hero of the denial movement. Now that my basis has been laid out (with a whole heap of related literature), I can get a little bit more creative and hopefully save some time in the future that tends to get wasted on scientific posers who stroll along with preconceived ideas. If we can address the changing world meaningfully, it’ll be only once we stop wasting our time on anti-science  movements.

I came into work today, looking forward to my lunch break, where I could comment on the new financial year. It seems a couple points being noted about my fair state are the increase to water costs (fair enough), car registration (hmmmm….) and public transport (the urge to laugh is increasing).

As followers of the innovation series may have noticed in the chapter Social Upgrade, I indulged in a little mud slinging at what I can only see as a completely incompetent service provided to the public of Adelaide – at ever increasing expense! From the mid 1990’s, I’ve been subject to a life on bus services provided by people who just don’t care. It is bad enough that it is not uncommon to be turned down for a job simply due to not driving, regardless of one’s qualifications. In 2007, I bought myself a Honda (which ended up being a pain, but by no means as bad as my experiences with public transport) and never looked back. Since then I’ve upgraded to a 380 converted to gas and although I have mixed feelings in general, I can’t see myself relying on public transport unless for I have no other option.

In that way, my bias is obvious – the service is more an inconvenience and they, on a yearly basis, make an effort to increase the price for being subjected to such frustrations. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem.

I will say that I’ve not read a fraction of what I use to read in those day, which is a little upsetting. What is even more upsetting is that it should be possible to have quick, efficient, clean and relatively cheap public transport, but in every way, the suburban sprawl of Adelaide is counter-intuitive on any practical approach to this.

In a quick Google search regarding the new financial year, I stumbled upon something that caught my eye (which further demonstrates my selective ignorance of many aspects of governance). On the 27th and the 28th of this month, there is the South Australian Major Projects Conference 2010. A few interesting speeches look to be on the cards – the two most interesting to me are Prof. Michael A P Taylor and Nathan Paine.

What this will mean? I’m not sure. From my experiences, I’ve often felt that Monty Python got it right with the meeting held by the Peoples’ Front of Judea in Life of Brian. There is often too many ideas-men… “Let’s stop wasting time talking about climate change and actually do something about it!” “I agree with Reg, we waste too much time just talking about the problem and not enough time following through with action!” “Here, here! You two have struck on an excellent point here and one we need to discuss further!” etc…


One thought on “The wheels on the bus go “cha-ching!” Pay more for even less in Adelaide!

  1. Well, here it is 2:55 AM and I’ve had my best laugh of the week from the Life of Bryan clip. I have often had the notion that if I only get the words right with just the right amount of passion I can have an impact on this old world. After all someone said that “the pen is mightier than the sword.” By the way, the quote is embedded in a poem, embedded in a play by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 for his play “Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy.” For details see

    Here is the poem:

    “True, This! —
    Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
    The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
    The arch-enchanters wand! — itself a nothing! —
    But taking sorcery from the master-hand
    To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
    The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
    States can be saved without it!”

    One of the problems we face is that those motivated by greed and power lust understand the power of words — the swords used against common sense, the enchanters who use words and images to lure us away from clear vision.

    Some times I feel that blogging is about “striking the right point” and getting a bunch of folks to say “here, here.” Vanity. And yet if we can penetrate through the seductive mist of ego, we may begin to have insights into the systemic dysfunction that ensues when the “me” becomes the enemy of the whole (Betting against the system, betting against nature, too-big-to-fail, and so forth). Hopefully our collective “cloud of insights” will coalesce into the right kinds of actions. For more see:

    Thanks for your thought provoking blog.


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