Julia Gillard has no religion… so what

Anyone with half a brain could have foreseen the increased media attention regarding Australia’s 27th PM – simply due to the fact that she is not only a woman, but unmarried and, what was revealed early this week, non-religious.

Firstly, I have serious doubts as to whether one’s reproductive organs have any baring as to how well they are able to run a country (haven’t we come beyond such childish sexism?) and I can certainly see positives in being less bogged down in a relationship when leading a country (the wrath one can face missing an anniversary dinner – even if it was due to a drawn out meeting regarding national security! *being light-hearted here), but the noise I’ve heard in response to her lack of religion is mind blowing.

Some of the best political years where the agnostic Hawke era. I personally commend Gillard for her honesty and obviously strong moral system that was developed not on flock mentality regarding a series of absurd fables, but on reason and intelligence. It is, after all, only through ideology that one is capable of rationalising the most horrid of human behaviours and today is exemplified in the greatest intolerance towards other races, beliefs and sexual preferences. You want to find prejudice, hatred and intolerance, you just need to look up your local dogmatic institution – such things cannot be rationalised within informed and educated discussions.

I would like to hope that such a move towards reasonable thought also shows up through practical governance of landscapes, city development and in addressing climate change and peaking oil. The opposition is the Liberals radical right-winger, Tony Abbott, who has already told a group of students in Adelaide that is was warmer when Jesus was alive.

I think this coming election will make a clear point of which direction Australia is going and I’m not talking left or right, but forward or back.


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