New Age: Reflections

To be honest, I really don’t think age signifies much outside of human perception. However, it helps our need to us to organise meaning from this flow of happening. I can clearly remember holding a Tonker truck in the backyard of our house that we moved out from around 24 years ago. I remember the sounds of the quite neighbourhood and the smell of wooden fences.

I know such reflection could easily cause a chuckle from older readers. At 30 I’m only young. I remember my mum’s 30th birthday…

Now it’s my turn and I can’t help but wish that I had some grasp on the reins of this beast that is time. Who ever said that I wanted to turn 30? Does anyone assume I’ll grow up from some stigma?

I think that I tried to be more mature a decade ago. Funny how that happens…

C’est la vie… Goodbye to the 3rd decade of my awareness and a grudging welcome to the 4th. I guess I hope to be less self-indulgent and see that I’m actually content with goals and achievements over the next decade.


8 thoughts on “New Age: Reflections

    1. 🙂
      Cheers, everyone’s talking up the 30’s – but you know what it’s like. I’m in two minds about it – I don’t like the idea of growing up (but then again, I’ve got a fiancée, a son and finally a career of sorts), but I’m not keen on the life I had 5+ years ago..
      I think I’ll do my best to ignore it and just go with the flow! lol


  1. A very slow-off-the-mark happy birthday from the land of the lost (Cape York… where internet can only be gleaned via freak chance!). Just had a good time catching up on the last page of posts I’d missed!


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