Pollutants found in whale cells and the disappearing tuna

Just this morning, two posts come across on my reader that further highlight the situation of our oceans.

Pollutants found in whale cells – Climate shift

“You could make a fairly tight argument to say that it is the single greatest health threat that has ever faced the human species. I suspect this will shorten lives, if it turns out that this is what’s going on” – Roger Payne

See the article here

Disappearing tuna – Why evolution is true

Jerry came by an article in the New York Times Magazine which is well worth a read regarding the loss of Bluefin tuna.

see Jerry’s article here

In every possible way we fail to properly manage our oceans and general ignorance continues largely because the problem is out of sight. What is needed is a radically different perspective of custodianship. It is possible to be just as prosperous – potentially more so – but it will change a great amount of change. I hope such a change happens  so that my grandchildren will have a diverse and interesting life.


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