Update: I’ve returned and sorry for my absence

Now that I’ve returned from my walk down a strawberry path with what can only be seen as a classic example of ignorance (see this page for more ), I can again focus on my usual posts. I hope to in the very near future submit a post reviewing some excellent case studies as I’ve previously mentioned, but due to my workload and absence from anything remotely scientific with a near-sighted economist, at this point, it should be submitted early next week.
Until then, DeSmog Blog posted their second instalment on debunking Monckton, which I found very interesting and an excellent example of science vs. paranoia (ie. science investigates and refines while the latter makes rash and unsupportable assumptions not unlike a witch-hunt). Also Only In It For The Gold posted, “Climate Change and the Integrity of science” from the journal Science, which I find refreshing after such a dark first part of the week.
Sorry again for my momentary trip into wonderland and I assure my audience that future critics will be appreciated where evidence can support their views (that is, of course, the strength of science), while future crack-pots will be ignored or referred to the previous discussion).


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