Coal as the Aussie backbone? That’s a sick country Mr. Rudd

I have to thank Climate Shifts and Guy Pearse for their newest post, Australia has suffered hellish wildfires and withering drought – and is asking for more through its massive coal exports”. It’s an incredibly articulate and frightening report on the general hypocrisy demonstrated of our government.

I’d love for more people to read it.

On every front, CO2 emissions are causing Australia agricultural and environmental damage which will only continue to cost us more and more economically, even though it appears that we’re making a quick buck on the coal train. Not only are we putting more and more pressure on agricultural practices that were never sustainable to begin with on a landscape radically different to those of Europe, but land use clearing, climate change and CO2 decreasing the pH of our oceans will make this a truly barren country.

Professor Corey Bradshaw will be conducting a free public lecture; A World of Hurt: A true global death count of environmental degradation. This follows his work, examining human health in relation to environmental quality on a large scale. I suggest to everyone able to attended it on the 11th of May at The University of Adelaide to make a booking. For the rest, I hope a podcast follows (which I’ll highlight if it does). We need to raise the awareness of the fragile ecosystem of which we’re involved here in Australia, our dependence on our environment and how imperative it is that we change our practices to meet a changing world and pay back the tab we’ve abused.


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