Just a thought on Pens and Politics

I have to admit, I get rather annoyed at climate change denialists getting uppity about being called “denialists”… It is an ugly word – that much they have correct. Unfortunately it is, for them, a highly fitting term as they seem to brush aside good science for bad politics.

For who, historically, have been shown time and time again to be pro-business-as-usual and following the buck? Scientists or politicians?

I once, out of sheer desperation for a career change, went for a job at an up-end pen store. The usual customers for pens made from porche car parts, as I learnt, were lawyers, politicians and business leaders – people with money to burn and a face to sell… I cannot imagine such a pen in the breast pocket of most scientists I’ve known and worked alongside…

Oh, incidentally, I didn’t get the job.. go figure!


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